Monday, December 24, 2012

Garbage Day!

Evertime on christmas I watch at least one christmas-themed slasher or horror movie such as Don't Open 'Til Christmas or Christmas Evil and of course the classic example among them Silent Night, Deadly Night. Last night I watched the first part and now I have just watched the second part. I can't help but always laugh at the hilarious 'Garbage Day!' or Eric Freeman's epic eyebrow movements and in general the unintenionally funny movie as a whole. I know there's tons of funny videos on Youtube about this 'Garbage Day'-gag and the movie so I decided to put the best of these videos together. Enjoy!

''Imagine some epic NES-game about Silent Night, Deadly Night it would pretty much turn out like this one. Hilarious!''

''I don't really have to explain this one, it's just too funny!''

''Yes, Eric Freeman got the super combo for sure''

''The famous OC-California spoof that has spawned hundreds of spoofs since now, this one fits pretty good''

''It still makes me laugh after these hundred times I have watched this video, and it's still perfect!''

''There's tons of these funny quotes that makes this movie quite enjoyable apart from the horrible plot.''

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